The A-Z Of Dog Breeds – The Basset Hound

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The A-Z Of Dog Breeds - The Basset Hound

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This dog is classed as the ‘class clown’ of the dog world and if you are lucky enough to be able to provide a loving home for one of these adorable pups, you will be in for a lot of laughs! Sociable, easy-going, and intelligent, they make the perfect addition to any household including those with small children and because of their loyalty, they will make excellent protection for the house too. If anyone threatens what they class to be theirs – home, owners, etc. they will bark the place down!

The bad news is that these pups generally take a while to pick up commands over other dogs. They may be intelligent but they have a stubborn streak so if they aren’t picking the trick up such as sit, stay or lie down, they’ll get annoyed and just wander off to do their own thing. If you are planning on introducing the Basset Hound to your home, you’ll need patience on your side.

Being a hunting dog, stubborn and strong-willed are just two of the words you can associate with this dog breed, and the name ‘hound’ should give it away. They are little makers of mischief and if bored, will destroy many things in your home. You are going to need to present your canine friend with plenty of interaction (which is why they make such great family dogs), but also plenty of things to do when you are not there such as toys, learning gadgets and more. This is not a dog that you will want to leave at home with nothing to do for long periods of time!

If you’re after a lazy dog, this is the one for you. It might be a hunting breed but despite that, it can be incredibly lazy! It’ll have short, sharp bursts of energy which will keep your entertained but when it feels like lying down and having a nap, it will do just that. That’s the stubborn temperament coming out to play again!

There’s another thing you’ll need to be prepared for too – the shedding! This is a pup that will need regular brushing and you will need to be prepared for all the hair that will be left scattered around your home. You don’t need to brush them regularly but if you don’t, you’ll notice a lot more hair around the place – on your clothes, couches, in fact, anywhere the pup is allowed to go.

Very cute and very playful, they don’t have a problem with napping for hours and actually love a long, leisurely stroll rather than a marathon spring around the park. They save their bursts of energy for when they need to ‘hunt’ you see! 😉

Lots of slobber and more than a little bit of drool, this is one of the cutest dogs you’ll ever clap eyes on. You’ve not seen ‘puppy dog eyes’ until you’ve fallen in love with these droopy-eared scatterbrains!


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