Why You Should Think Twice About Using A Pack Walker

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Although the option of a slightly cheaper dog walker will always be one that catches your eye, it might be worth asking why they are offering their services for a cheaper price. For example, how many dogs do they take out for a walk at once?

Pack dog walkers will generally take out a number of dogs in one go, hence the word pack. Of course, there are a couple of benefits of this – the dog walkers can take many more dogs at once, which means they can afford to charge lower prices than One-2-One dog walkers. Walking dogs in big packs can sometimes help dogs to socialize and become friendlier with other dogs. At the same time however, there can be many drawbacks to pack dog walkers which is just one of the reasons we prefer to provide a more personal one-on-one service.

If you are a dog owner yourself, you are probably already well aware of how distressing it can be to try and control more than one dog at a time. Imagine how a pack walker would react when they take out five dogs at a time, or maybe even more than that! What happens when the walker needs to stop and pick up dog mess… Are the other dogs going to be waiting around for her or him to finish what they are doing? Or will they take their opportunity and misbehave? What about crossing busy roads? It’s hard enough training just one pup to sit still at the edge of the curb, without having to worry about restraining and calming a number of pooches at once.

Of course, dogs go crazy when other dogs come along so will all the dogs in the pack react well to each other? Will they end up being bad influences on each other, causing the whole group of them to bark and howl, chasing after other dogs down the street? Are all the dogs that are being taken out trained? Or will the one un-trained dog end up potentially putting the rest of the dog’s lives in danger?

What about the other aspects of dog care… What if one of the group of dogs isn’t neutered, for example? Can you be sure that all the dogs in the pack are being taken out neutered? What happens if the dog walker is happily picking up dog mess and just so happens to miss the fact that your Chihuahua is being man-handled by a rather large Rottweiler? At the same time, how do you know that your dog is actually safe around other dogs? How do you know that the Rottweiler won’t try to fight and bite the smaller dogs?

The problems with groups of dogs is that they will generally behave in a way that they wouldn’t normally, finding the other canine friends a distraction. It’s almost impossible to try and train many dogs at once when out and about, and that’s why we prefer more one-to-one time with the dogs and other pets we take care of. The more personal service just means well-behaved dogs, and we’ve learned that over years of practice.

So next time you consider letting your pup be pack walked, perhaps it’s time to start looking at a more personal approach and think about One-2-One dog walking? It may cost a little bit more but surely your pet’s happens and safety is worth that?

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