Why Should I Get My Dog Neutered?

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Spaying Stops Unexpected Pregnancies

  • There are enough stray dogs who are in desperate need of homes without more cute puppies to compete with! If you let your dog have puppies, some of them may end up in a dog shelter adding to the massive problem of homeless dogs in this country.

Castration Stops Male Dogs From Straying

  • Intact males can be an escape risk as they look to roam the local area in search of females in heat.

Unspayed Female Dogs Can Have Phantom Pregnancies

  • After their season, female dogs can have phantom pregnancies which can cause strange behavioural problems such as tearing up cushions to make soft bedding – ‘nesting’

Neutering Reduces The Chance Of Some Cancers

  • Neutering eradicates the chance of testicular and reduces the chances of your dog getting prostate cancer. It also reduces the chance of your female dogs getting breast cancer which is actually quite common in older dogs who haven’t been neutered.

Spaying & Castration Reduces The Chances Of Aggression Problems

  • Unneutered male and female dogs have certain needs, that if aren’t met, can make them frustrated and aggressive towards other dogs. They can also be a target to other dogs as a lot of dogs don’t like unneutered dogs, especially intact male dogs.

It Makes Life Easier For You!

  • Do you really want a dog who is constantly humping your leg?
  • Do you realise that female dogs in season bleed for up to a month at a time?

A Neutered Dog Is A Happy Dog!

  • We have always had all of our pets neutered at the earlier possible opportunity and we hope you choose to do the same.

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