What Is Home From Home Dog Boarding?

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What Is Home From Home Dog Boarding?


One of the most popular questions that we get asked is – what actually is Home From Home Dog Boarding?

In a nut shell, home dog boarding is when your dogs get to stay in a family home environment with one of our animal loving host families in Cheshire.


Why is Home Dog Boarding So Great?


Well put it this way, have you ever felt guilty when you have been sunning yourself in Spain knowing that your dog is in a lonely kennels having a miserable time?

Now, would you feel guilty sunning yourself if you knew that your dog was curled up on someones lap in front of a lovely log burner dreaming about what an awesome day they have had chasing squirrels through the woods?

We’re sure that most of you see your dogs as part of the family and as important to you (if not more important!?) than your own kids or family!

Do you pamper your dog with delicious doggy treats (and human treats!?) and luxury beds?

Do you let them creep onto your bed (or dive on) in the morning and before you go to sleep so that you can get some extra cuddle time with them?

Do you try and holiday in this country so that you can take your dogs with you? (we do!)

Do you speak in a silly voice to them or even have a conversation with them like they are a real person!?

We can answer yes to all of these questions and we’re sure you can too, otherwise you probably wouldn’t be taking the time to read this article!

If you adore your dog just like the way we adore our own dog Dillon, then home dog boarding is the only option for you when it comes to looking for suitable accommodation for your dogs when you go on holiday.


What Does Home Dog Boarding Include?


Your dogs will stay inside a home like a family pet and will get to sleep wherever they normally sleep. Most importantly they won’t have to stay in a miserable, lonely kennel like they do at regular dog boarding kennels in Cheshire.

They will get as many walks as you’d like them to have and can be walked on or off the lead depending on your preference. Our home boarders are very experienced with dogs so they will only let the dogs off the lead when they have developed a bond with them and when they feel it is safe to do so.

They will often have other dogs to play with which is great for developing their doggy social skills, which is of real benefit if you are thinking of getting another dog in the future.

Our home boarders will send you regular updates by text or email so that you can find out how much fun your dogs are having, which will probably be more fun than you are having!

Some of our host families will even let the dogs sleep in their bedroom or on their bed if that is what they are used to, so you can rest assured knowing that your dogs are getting well and truly pampered in your absence!

Our home dog boarders are all used to administering medication so that won’t be an issue if your dog is currently being treated for an ailment or long term condition.


What If My Dog Becomes ill When They Stay With A Home Dog Boarder?


If your dog happens to become ill when they are staying with one of our home dog boarders then don’t worry, the boarder will try and contact you and if they can’t then they will take your dog directly to the vets to be seen, and they will let the vets decide on the best course of action.

If you are not able to pay the vet bills over the phone, then don’t worry, we shall pay the bills ourselves and then you can settle up when you get back from holiday.

All of our home dog boarders are all huge animal lovers and they would never let any animal suffer, so if we suspect that your dog is ill or in pain, we will make sure they are seen ASAP even if that means rushing them to an out of hours emergency vet.


Can We Pop Over To Meet The Home Dog Boarders Who Will Be Looking After Our Dog?


Yes of course you can!

We always schedule a meet & greet so that you can take your dog round to meet the host family to make sure everyone is happy with the setup.

We wouldn’t place a dog with any host family that wasn’t a perfect match, so the meet & greet gives you the opportunity to ask any further questions you may have.

It also gives the boarder a chance to ask you any questions such as – Where does your dog like to be scratched? or What is his or her favourite toy?

We can also arrange a trial night which gives your dog and the boarder an opportunity to get to know one and other before they stay for the main holiday. It is also a great test to see if any potential teething problems may arise.

All of our home dog boarders are very patient and experienced and so will be able to deal with any little problems that may surface such as separation anxiety issues.


What If My Dog Doesn’t Get On With One Of The Other Dogs Who Is Staying?


Occasionally, when they first meet, some dogs just don’t get on, just like people. But unlike people, dogs generally get over themselves pretty quickly, and will soon start to get on!

From past experience, the initial clash between the dogs soon passes, as the natural pack order is established.

There may be some initial growling or some air snaps, but it never lasts that long and the dogs will usually end up being good friends by the end of their stay!

Our home dog boarders are experienced enough to recognise when there is a real danger that the dogs could hurt each other, or if they are just establishing their role in the pack.

If the boarder did feel that there was a possibility of a fight breaking out amongst the dogs, then they would separate the dogs and give them a cool out time.

Dog’s don’t hold grudges like people do, so they may be happy as larry next time they meet, and if not, then a nice long walk usually does the trick to start a friendship between the dogs.

If the dogs really didn’t get on well even after some time, which is very unlikely, then we would seek to re-board one of the dogs with another one of our host families in Cheshire who has a different mix of dogs. We have only had to do this a couple of times out of the 500+ dogs we have boarded and the dogs who have been moved to the new host family have always settled in just fine.


How Much Does Home Dog Boarding In Cheshire Cost?


Another important question we get asked is how much does home dog boarding cost??

Is it going to break the bank!?

The good news is that our home dog boarding service in Cheshire is excellent value!

It currently costs £25 per calendar day in off peak times (out of school holidays) and £30 per calendar day in peak times (during school holidays.)

Considering all the extra benefits that your dogs will receive, it is way better value than a traditional kennels, and the small extra cost is worth it to ensure that your dog will have an amazing time in a loving home environment.

We charge for every day that your dog is with our home boarders, which allows you complete flexibility with drop off and collection times and we have done another great article on this here –


Most people spend a few thousand on a holiday for themselves, so don’t you think it is only fair that you budget a bit extra to allow your dogs to have an awesome holiday too!

You will enjoy your holiday so much more knowing that your dog is having a wonderful time too!


How Do I Find Out More About Your Home Dog Boarders and Arrange A Meet & Greet?


To see some more information about all of the home dog boarders we have in Cheshire please check out our home dog boarding page here:


To arrange a meet & greet with one of our home boarders please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We’re sure you’ll agree, once you try our home dog boarding service, you won’t even dream about using dog boarding kennels in Cheshire ever again!


Many Thanks, Adam & Laura

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