What Are The 5 Best Cat Feeders?

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Automatic cat feeders – as soon as you say it almost makes you sound too lazy, doesn’t it? In fact, you don’t need to be a lazy pet owner to need one of these handy little gadgets. We have used them for many of our clients and they are a great gadget!

Over the years, we have found a few of these devices that we’ve quite fancied, and if you talk to any Pet Sitters in Cheshire, you’ll notice that everyone has their own favourite.

These are 5 of our favourite cat feeders below:


Rosewood Catmate Automatic Feeder C20 2 Meal Feeder

It’s a name and a half and normally retails for anywhere between £20-£30 which hardly breaks the bank. You can feed a couple of cats, kittens or dogs with this handy device, and there are sealed units to keep even wet food fresh until it is ready to be released to the hungry hounds.

Each of the large bowls will hold around 450g of food each, and are super easy to clean. The addition of an ice pack helps to keep wet food chilled & fresh too.


Andrew James New Automatic Pet Feeder

Wow! This is an automatic cat feeder (or dog) that blows the rest of them out of the water! You can feed your pet for up to 90 days with this massive gadget. Why you would want your pet to be left alone for 90 days is beyond us, but we are sure that it can come in handy. Selling from £30 to as much as £70, it’s quite a hefty machine that can hold enough food for up to 90 days worth of food, and can even be programmed to record your voice and hold a personal greeting message for your pampered pet. Smart sensors prevent the trays from overfilling, and even allows for portion sized monitoring, perhaps making it great for those overweight pets.


Andrew James 6 Day Automatic Pet Feeder

A much smaller and more manageable device, this is great if you’re just going away for a day or two and want to make sure that your pet is well-fed in case a family member can’t make it round.  At around £30-£60 depending on where you buy it from, it can feed not just cats and dogs but also rabbits. You can record up to 20 different greetings for your pet so that it feels the comfort of having your voice nearby, and can even be set to suit six different feeding times. The six separate food trays are the perfect amount for a daily meal too!


PetSafe petPod Digital Pet Feeder

Priced at around £30-£50, this digital automatic cat feeder can also be used to feed dogs and rabbits too. It can release the food twice in any 48 hour period, making it perfect for short term use only, and has a set of dishwasher components for easy cleaning. You can even use this to dispense medication for easier treatment of various ailments.


Trixie 24371 TX1 Automatic Feeder

Simple, to the point and cheap at around £15-£20, this little Trixie device can release one meal of up to 300ml on an analog timer. It’s not really an advanced kit of kit but will do the job if you are going to be late home from work.


Please let us know if you have any favourites of your own that we haven’t listed!


Adam & Laura

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