Top 5 Dog Friendly Hotels In Britain

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We hate travelling without our pampered pooches so where possible, we always try to find the best dog friendly hotels in Britain before we travel so we are not met by any unwelcome surprises. Rule number one of travelling as a dog owner – always check that your dog can stay at the hotel with you before you travel. You’ll be surprised by how many that won’t entertain your furry friend.

If you are planning on taking the complete family away with you for your holiday next year, why not have a peek at some of these. Not just welcoming your pooch but actually rolling the red carpet out for them, you’ll get the dreamy, relaxing ‘vacay’ you’ve been hoping for, and you won’t need to worry about leaving good old Rex behind!

These are the top 5 dog friendly hotels in Britain!


1 – The Milestone Hotel, London


Let’s get right to the heart of luxury to start with and get it out the way nice and early. We know that not everyone can afford such a delightful hotel but it gives you an idea of what IS possible if you just take a few moments to have a look.

This five-star Kensington-based hotel may be over six hundred of your finest Great British Stirling per night, but the staff in the hotel will give both you and your pet the best experience of your life. From learning the name of your pet to providing the most exquisite menus starring delicious treats like sausages and steak, there is no expense spared, and your pooch will even get a personalised hamper on their arrival!

Check it out (and wish you could afford such luxury) over on the website:


2 – Overwater Hotel, Cumbria


Coming back to earth (and more affordable pricing) and you’ll find the idyllic Overwater Hotel in Ireby, Cumbria. Not far from Keswick, the stately home comes complete with a boardwalk so that you can enjoy refreshing morning strolls with your dog, plus they also provide pet sitters to keep your furry friend happy while you decide to have a night out with the ‘grown ups’ (we use the term loosely!)

On top of that, the lounge becomes a hive of activity during the evenings when the animals are allowed in with their owners, giving everyone a chance to socialise and meet new friends!

Starting at about £100 a night, this is a hotel that won’t break the bank. Not quite as much as The Milestone Hotel anyway!

Check out the website:


3 – Trigony House, Scotland


We’re going all the way up to Scotland for this next dog friendly hotel in Britain, to Dumfries and Galloway. A beautiful country house style hotel, the owner’s themselves have dogs – a Golden Retriever called Roxy plus a miniature dachshund called Kit.

A doggy welcome box is placed in every room, and the critters themselves are allowed everywhere around the house with the exception of one room – the dining room. If you’d rather eat with your pampered pooch, you can always request them to set up a private table for you in the bar. They do that too!

Again at around £120+ a night, it’s a nice treat for the entire family to enjoy!

Check out the website:


4 – Best Western Willow Bank Hotel, Greater Manchester


If you’re looking for something a bit closer to home, there are Best Western hotels that are not only cheap (ish), but will provide a dog friendly service so little Rex can come along. It’s a relatively small hotel based on the outskirts of Manchester’s city centre, and has some rave reviews on Trip Advisor. It’s pretty cute looking too.

For more information on which Best Western hotels will let you take your pooches along, check out the website:


5 – Blagdon Manor, Devon


We couldn’t conclude the top 5 dog friendly hotels in Britain whiteout giving a little mention to the Blagdon Manor in Ashwater, Devon. With two chocolate labs, Mace and Cassie, they really have thought of everything which pretty much every way to make both you and your dog comfortable for the duration of your stay.

There is plenty of information on local dog friendly areas on their website which provides essential information on where you can and can’t take your beloved pet, plus your dog will get its own blanket, doggy bowl, and even treats to keep him happy!

There are even spaces available for you to pop your muddy wellies after walking the dog, clean and dry towels to give the pooch a post-exercise rub-down, and even gourmet treats for both adult and canine to enjoy. They really have thought of everything!

Check it out here:


There are plenty of dog friendly hotels out there, and many more that we haven’t had the time to mention on this list. Why not let us know which great pooch-friendly hotels you’ve had the pleasure of staying in on our Facebook page? We’d love to know your thoughts!


Adam & Laura

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