Top 5 Christmas Presents For Dogs

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Your pampered pooch is just as much a part of the family as your kids and your spouse are, so why not treat them at Christmas time like you would with anyone else? These are pets that have seen you through the good times and the bad, been there to lick your face when you have been sad, and celebrated by barking uncontrollably when you are whooping with happiness. It just makes perfect sense to get them a Christmas gift that they will truly love, even if it is for just a few weeks until they chew it half to death!


Interactive Puzzle Dog Treat Games


Of course, chew toys are the usual gift to get your dog at Christmas especially those that you can combine with treats. There are a whole bunch of toys that encourage your pet to learn and play in order to get the gadget to release a tasty treat or two and although they won’t break the bank, you get these for your pup all year round so this year think outside the box and get them something new and different!

Check out here for some ideas –


GPS Pet Locator


What about something like a clever pet locator? Although some of these can be expensive, you can give your pup the best gift ever by knowing they are safe every moment of every day. Usually devised in such a way that the device is worn with the collar or around the neck, it transmits signals back to your mobile phone so that you can find him or her when they get loose. If you have a dog that constantly seems to get out, this isn’t a bad idea at all!

Check out for more details.


Homemade Dog Treats


Homemade treats are another great gift idea. If you like to cook or bake, there are a whole host of doggy recipes out there designed to give your loyal companion a tasty treat, and what better way to appreciate him or her as part of the family than creating your very own Christmas shaped doggy treats for them to tear open and enjoy? You also get to control exactly what does into the recipe so you can allow for a special diet. Not just that but you can also cater to their tastes too – what’s your dog’s favourite food?

Check out for some delicious recipe ideas!


Doggy Christmas Outfits & Accessories


Of course, if baking dog treats sounds like too much work on top of everything else you have left to do to get ready for this year, you could always go with the super cute and adorable Christmas outfits. Probably more designed to entertain the owner than the dog, you can take photos to be framed and hung on the wall, a constant reminder that your lovable fur-ball is as much a part of the family as the rest of you are.

They even now sell accessories such as scarfs, check these out –

You have the photos of the kids on the wall after all….


iFetch – The Automatic Ball Thrower


The ultimate gift for your dog this Christmas has got to be the iFetch. Great for pups and owners alike, your dog will get all the exercise they need while you get to be comfortable on the couch! 😉

Great for when you’re at home and when you’re away, the iFetch will continue to ‘throw’ the ball whenever your pup drops the ball into it. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, it provides an energetic dog with more exercise than you could alone, while training his brain to learn about things like ‘fetch’ and ‘go get it!’. At around £100-120, it’s quite an expensive gift, but one that will provide your furry friend with hours of play-time as well as exercise.

Check out – for more details.


There are plenty of great and innovative gift ides that you can come up with this Christmas so why not think slightly differently and get something your dog that they can use all year round and not just for a few weeks until they rip it to shreds?

Adam & Laura

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