Top 5 Christmas Presents For Cats

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Do you always buy your cats the same old toys each christmas?

This year, instead of buying your kitty the same old chew toys and cat nip treats, why not think about something a little different? Why not think about something that will enhance your life as well as theirs?


Laser Pointer Pen


Think about it – you get the comfort of your own couch and the entertainment of your cat chasing that tiny red dot around the living room. It’s hours of fun for the whole family to enjoy, and in our experience, this is one of the funniest toys we’ve ever invested in. Just be careful where you’re pointing that laser – no where near the cats eyes!

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Interactive Cat Puzzles By Trixie


For more traditional gifts, there are plenty available online and just a few of the delights we’ve found our cats particularly enjoy are those that entertain and teach at the same time. The Trixie range of toys, for example, encourage the cat to learn to solve a puzzle in order to get access to treats. The Tunnel Feeder Strategy Gam, is less than £25 and can be used a regular feeder, and a plaything all in one. The cat needs to learn how to move the tunnels to get to the food inside, and really homes in on their brain skills while keeping them entertained .

There’s also the Trixie Blanket Strategy Game which, for under £20, is compact enough to put roll up and put away when you’re not using it, and again encourages your cat to start thinking in order to get their treats. The holes in the top layer of cloth means that your cat needs to work out its hand-eye co-ordination in order to paw them out, and the rustling foil (although can get annoying to humans when it’s constantly being rustled) gives your cat the chance to use more than just the senses of sight and touch – they need to use sound PLUS their sense of smell. It stimulates as well as entertains!

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Scratching Deck


For something with a little more novelty factor, the latest gadget stores have a great range of ideas. The Scratching Deck, for example, is about £15-20 and is a cat-scratching post in the shape of a DJ mixing deck – a must have for the music loving cat-owners out there!

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Cat Massage Centre


You can also get massage centres for kitties like the Catit Design Senses Massage Centre. At less than £10, it’s a great stocking stuffer and not only manipulates the kitties natural senses, but also provides massaging relief at the same time with the sculpted textures and multiple surfaces. Plus, with areas for gum care and teeth protection, this is a definitely one of the great Christmas presents for cats that does more than what it first appears.

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Rather than the same old, boring catnip toys and teeth-care treats, look at something a little different for your furry friend. Luckily, cat-ownership these days is considered cool so there’s plenty out there to choose from!

Adam & Laura

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