The Omlet Outdoor Cat Run Review

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There are many reasons why a cat owner might not let their cat go outside. They may have an expensive breed and be fearful of them getting stolen. Maybe your cat isn’t very good at life outside and has a tendency to get caught up in scraps with other territorial cats, often coming off worse? Perhaps there are too many cats in your neighbourhood, all vying for their own little territory? Maybe your cat just gets lost a lot, or has already been hit by a passing vehicle?

We’re all a member of some group on social media which has shared posts of missing cats and dogs regularly. You’d dread to think of that happening to your feline friend, right?

As much as many cat owners would love to offer their feline friends the chance to explore the great outdoors, it’s not always possible.

Up until now…

There are many reasons why you should consider buying an Outdoor Cat Run by Omlet. With two sizes available, you have a shorter one for your cat to enjoy (3.8 feet), and a taller one that you can actually walk into – at over 6.7 feet high, it would take an exceptionally tall cat-owner to not fit in this smart cat run.

It’s fun for your cat! 

This Omlet cat run will give your cat to expand his knowledge and territory into an outdoor based environment. New smells will give him a variety of things to keep him interested, and increasing the space and variety of the scenery around him will keep him happy too. A bored pet is a stressed pet and a stressed pet loves to misbehave…

It allows him to display his natural behaviour!

As well as having something new and interesting to allow your kitty to explore his mind, the Omlet Outdoor Cat Run also gives your cat the chance to display behaviour he wouldn’t have been able to display indoors. Spraying and scratching for example, are two things he is most definitely not allowed to do inside your homes so by allowing him to have the opportunity to do these things outside, once again, you’re going to have a much happier, contented kitty.

It allows him/her some space!

Just like humans, cats need space from time to time and it’s nice to allow your kitty to have just that. This Outdoor Cat Run gives your cat a little patch of his own to enjoy without being worried about harassment from the dog, your kids, you…

With constant bugging, your cat will become irritated quickly and may even lash out. How many times have you been happily stroking him before he gets annoyed and scratches you, causing you to bleed? We’ve all been there – all cat owners have been scratched for what seems like no reason. Have you ever thought that maybe your feline friend just needs some space?

It has some pretty impressive features!

Not just providing an outdoor space for your cat to enjoy, the Omlet Outdoor Cat Run has some pretty impressive features that will just further convince you it’s a great investment. The anti-tunnel skirt for example, will stop other animals from getting into the cat run meaning that you can leave your furry friend out there even when you are not around. You can even lock and unlock the door both from the inside and the outside for added security. The two heights mean that you can even enjoy the space with your cat if you wanted to, making it the great time to bond with your cat whilst enjoying a mid-afternoon read. It’ll soon be winter and we all need to make the most of that sun!

You can even get covers for the Outdoor Cat Run making it great for summer and winter use. The covers help to protect from the rain and the battering heat of the sun, providing shelter and shade all at the same time. Not only that but its easy to piece together and can even be attached to other components (including the Eglu) to make the perfect outdoor setting for your pampered pet.

You can see the Outdoor Cat Run Here –

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