QR Code Dog Tags – Bringing Dog Ownership Into The 21st Century!

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Animal Sitting QR Code

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Did you know that you can now get pet tags with a QR code built into them? Don’t worry, we know that you might not know what a QR code is… although you’ve probably heard of the term. Let’s start with that to make life easier!


What is a QR code?


You know those black and white barcode-looking things that you keep seeing everywhere – they are in newspapers, on walls, on business cards, etc.? Well, they are small boxes that contain information so that when you scan the code with a specifically created QR code reader app (that you can download on most smart phones,) all the information is bought up right there on your phone, generated through a completely private web page.


Smart, right?


All you need to do is download a QR code reader app on your phone and scan away. If you scan the QR code at the top of this page, it will take you right to the home page of the AnimalSitting.co.uk website. You can preset these QR codes to home pretty much information you want, which makes it perfect for things like dog and cat tags!


What about QR code dog tags…?


Rather than having the traditional dog tags, you could have one of these new QR code ones. Most people have smart phones these days, so finding the owner of a lost dog really couldn’t get much simpler. With one scan of their phone, they could find your phone number, email address, home address, and a whole bunch more information, all generated onto a private web page that the code itself directs you to. Rather than calling you, they could just turn up at your door with your beloved pooch. It’s quicker, easier, and brings dog ownership into the 21st century. How cutting edge?!


There are more than a few benefits of your pets rocking QR code dog tags. For a start, our home dog boarding service requires that your dogs wear an id tag anyway (as stated by law) so why not choose a QR code tag? As well as contact information, all of your pets health information and needs could be stored on your private web page that your QR code would take people to if they scanned it on their smart phones. If your pooch needs regularly medication, the person that finds the dog will be able to see that and hurry him or her back to you – the owner. Or if you can’t be contacted, take the dog straight to any Vet where they will be able to see more. In fact, what’s to stop you having your Vet’s information on that web page too??


Of course, sometimes you just can’t be reached by a phone call, which makes the idea of phone numbers on dog tags pretty obsolete. What happens if you are at work and can’t take a call? A simple text message or email address would make life simpler, wouldn’t it? You can be urgently told of the situation in hand, and take active steps to sort it out. You could have something like ‘If found please text 07*** *** ***’ – it is simple, to the point, and easy to understand.


The QR in QR code stands for ‘quick reader,’ and that’s exactly what it does on a QR code dog tag. The older style ID tags for your pets only contain limited information because of the size of it. The QR code tag scraps that worry – in the same size that a ‘normal’ ID tag would come, you can have a whole web page full of information.


That’s a lot of information!


For more information on QR code dog or cat tags, why not have a browse on the net for them or have a chat with us? You might be surprised at how popular they actually are!


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