Why Is Home Dog Boarding The Perfect Alternative To Kennels?

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How would you feel if you had been home alone all day, all by yourself, with no one to talk to, no one to play with, and no one to keep you company when there is lots of shouting and crying outside?


It doesnt sound particularly pleasant, does it? In fact, to most people it just sounds like sheer hell. For that reason by itself, you should consider dog boarding over kennels. OK, admittedly, most kennels offer a walking service but for the rest of the time, there is a good chance that your poor pup will be left in a kennel for the majority of the time. Were sure you wouldnt treat your dog like that when you are around, so dont let him or her be treated like that when you are not around.


Home Dog boarding allows your dog to enjoy a home-based environment whilst you are away on your jollies. Theyll be placed with a lovely host family that not only knows how to care for your pooch, but can also dedicate as much time to the dog as it needs. This is a particularly useful service for owners that find their dogs suffer quite badly with separation anxiety when they leave them on their own for periods of time. Most of our dog sitters here are either retired, or work from home, so your furry friend gets as much love and attention as they desire. They might just have so much fun that they wont want to come back home again!


As well as having free-roam of the house, your pampered pooch will get full roam of the garden too, plus as many walks as it takes to ensure your furry kids are happy and content. This is one of the worst things about kennels – the limited space, and the fact that they are only really allowed out of their kennel twice a day for a short period. Also there is generally 20 dogs to one kennel worker at a kennels where as with our home dog boarders, there will be a maximum of around 4 dogs there at a time so the dogs will get much more one on one time with the families. They also wont have anywhere near as much space in a kennel as they will in a home dog boarders home. It just makes sense when you think about it, doesnt it?


As well as separation and anxiety issues that can often arise if you tend to put your pup in a kennel quite often, you may also find that you find your dog has a sore throat when they come back from home. This is probably down to the fact that they will have been barking and howling for their family pack members to come back (ie. You). When you drop your dogs off at the kennels do you often hear a lot of barking? Then the chances are that as soon as you’ve gone, your dogs will be doing exactly the same, calling for their mummy and daddy!


Of course, when you have that many dogs in one area together, such as what you would find if your put your dogs in a kennel, fleas and other such nasty’s can spread a lot easier, and quicker too. There is less chance of that problem with home dog boarding as there will only be a handful of dogs there at a time in much cleaner conditions.


Home Dog Boarding may be a little more expensive than kennels are, but the many positives you gain from it far outweigh the extra cost so please give home boarding a thought next time you consider going on your hols.


Perhaps you have a pampered pooch who loves falling asleep on your sofa? Or perhaps you have a dog who pines for you when you’re not there? Or do you see yourself as a pet parent rather than a pet owner?


Whatever the reason, if you care for your dogs anywhere near as much as we care for ours, then we’re sure you’ll agree that Home Dog Boarding is the only option to consider next time you need your wonderful dogs looking after!


Adam & Laura

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