What Is Home Cat Boarding?

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What Is Home Cat Boarding?


To put it simply, home cat boarding is where your cat stays with one of our host families when you go on holiday.

Say for example you were going away to Greece for 2 weeks. You would drop off your cat with one of our home cat boarders and they would stay in their home for their pussy cat holidays whilst you are sunning yourself in the wonderful sunshine. When you get back home you would pop round to the host family and pick up your cat who will be gleaming just as much as you are after having a wonderful time!


What About If My Cat Normally Goes Outside?


To make sure that your cat doesn’t go wandering off in an unfamiliar environment, our boarders don’t allow any cats to go outside whilst they stay with them. We feel that this is a lot safer than letting them outside as the cats won’t know the area and may get lost or injured. Cat’s aren’t allowed to go outside when they stay in a cattery either, but at least with our home cat boarding, your cats get the freedom of sleeping in a lovely warm home and will get lots of fuss and attention!

If you really feel like you would like your cats to still go outside when you are away, then the best option is to use our ‘Pop-In’ Cat Sitting Service. Your cats can stay in your home and we will pop in to feed them and make sure there are ok, which means they are free to come & go as they please.

For more information on our ‘Pop-In’ Cat Sitting Service, please take a look on our site – http://www.animalsitting.co.uk/cheshire-cat-sitting-service/


How Much Does Home Cat Boarding Cost?


Our home cat boarding service costs £15 per day, which is great value when you consider that it is only a bit more expensive than a cattery but the cats will have a much better time! If you compare it to our pop in cat sitting visits, then it can actually work out cheaper! For example, if you had 1 cat, and had 2 visits a day at £10 each, that would be £20 for the day, so you would save £5 per day if you went with our home cat boarding instead. If you have 2 cats then it will cost just £20 per day which is excellent value.


What If My Cat Scratches Furniture At Home?


Don’t worry if your cat sometimes scratches furniture at home. Our boarders will have scratching posts for the cats to scratch on and you are more than welcome to bring along some toys to keep them occupied. All of our boarders are insured, so if your cat happened to do any permanent damage to the furniture then they can claim on their insurance, so there is no need to worry about unexpected bills when you go to pick up your kitty!


How Do I Arrange To Meet One Of Your Home Cat Boarders?


Please drop us an email here – Contact Us and we will be happy to check availability and arrange for you to pop over to meet one of our lovely host families!

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