Harry The Hedgehog Trapped Down A Drain Pipe! *Updated*

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Harry The Hedgehog Stuck Down A Drain Pipe Image

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When I went to walk Baxter the soft Staffy this morning I encountered a very funny little face staring up at me when I stepped out of the car. I peered down into the open drain and saw a Hedgehog who was trapped down there. He was almost fully submerged in water and looked completely helpless, the poor thing!


I quickly looked around to see if I could find anything that would help me get Harry the Hedgehog out of the drain and all I could see were some old plastic pipes. I got the pipes and tried getting them under Harry but there just wasn’t enough room to get them under enough to lift him out.


Next I went and found some garden gloves and set about trying to get my hand under him to lift him out, but again, there just wasn’t enough room to manoeuvre him out.


So I went to get some big kitchen spoons (sorry Pat!) to try and scoop him out. I tried my hardest but he just kept spinning around in a ball and I couldn’t get them under him.


The poor little hog was scrabbling to get out but everything I was trying just wasn’t working.


The last ditch attempt was to try and grab as many spines as I could and pull him up. The first time I tried with one hand he just fell back in to the water face first. Then I tried with a few fingers from each hand, and I slowly started started to pull him up.




I managed to get him out and I put him on the driveway, where he coughed and spluttered a bit but looked ok. A little tired and weary, but ok!



After he had finished getting his bearings, I picked him up and put him safely in Pat’s back garden with some of Baxter’s dog food and a saucer of water.


He was flat out when I left him (but breathing ok!) and just went to sleep so I just hope he is still ok when Pat gets home this evening!


Harry The Hedgehog Taking A Well Earned Nap Image


Pat has promised to look after Harry so I will update you when I hear back from her.


This is a good reminder for everyone to check that all of their drains are securely covered, and if they aren’t then have a quick check for any furry or spiky critters haven’t fallen down there like Harry did!

*Harry The Hedgehog Update*


The great news is that Harry is still doing ok! He has a bad leg but hopefully it will be ok in a few days.


In the mean time, look at the magnificent home Pat has made for Harry to recover in!


Harry The Hedgehog's New Home Image


He is looking a lot better already, lets just hope that his leg gets better soon!


Harry The Hedgehog Recovering Image


Many Thanks, Adam

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