Feliway For Settled Cats & DAP For Calm Dogs

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DAP and Feliway are two names you’ll probably have heard of if you are a cat or dog owner. As with most ‘miracle’products that you come across, they are probably two completely disregarded ideas – if that they were that much of a miracle product to help soothe your flustered pets, everyone would be using them already…right?


We have have had first hand experience using both products on our own pets. We used Feliway on our own cats Pebbles & Mittens and have found it to be very effective. Both of our cats are rescue cats and when we got them we found using Feliway worked very effectively to settle them in. Both cats have recently been scratching at our bedroom door at night for attention (naughty kitties!) and we bought some more Feliway and they have stopped almost instantly!


When our dog Dillon (a rescue Staffie) would sometimes howl when we left him when he was younger (separation anxiety) we bought a DAP diffuser and we recorded him when we went out to measure the results. There was quite a big improvement so we highly recommend DAP for any nervous or anxious dogs too.


The idea behind products such as these are to use all-natural products to create a calming effect over your pet. Used to solve a whole host of pet-related issues, Feliway alone can help with things like scratching, spraying, conflict between kitty friends, to help calm them when traveling or heading to the vet, and can even help encourage appetite when it would appear your furry little friend doesn’t appear to be eating.


Feliway has a smell that humans can’t detect. Your cat can detect the pheromones in the scent, and this is what calms them down. The pheromone mimics the pheromones of your own cat, so the scent is very familiar and comforting to them. Basically, the scent of Feliway mimics the same scent the cat would recognize when it is in a calm state. It’s such a smart product when you think about it!


DAP for dogs works in much the same way. Adaptil is what you should be looking for and once again, it mimics the natural pheromones given by the dog when it is calm and relaxed. It can help with things like a new baby in the house, new dogs around, new people, staying in kennels, helping them settle in a new location, dealing with fireworks and much more. Essentially, any stressful situation that your pet finds itself in, DAP and Feliway can help to control.


With sprays, tablets, diffusers and even collars, this is a great product to give a go when you are finding yourself in a troublesome spot with your pet. Most pet sitters including ourselves would happily recommend this product for many reasons. Next time you’re having a chat with your vet, ask them about it. We bet they only have good things to say!


Adam & Laura

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Image Courtesy of two of our gorgeous pets – Dillon & Mittens!

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