Christmas Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

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This year, instead of buying the same old tired treats and toys for the dog lover in your life, why not get them something that will actually prove functional and useful? We all know someone that has a special place in their heart for their pampered pooch and if they get the star treatment more than anyone else in the family, you know you’ll be hitting the nail on the head when you buy them something pooch-related for Christmas.

If you’re struggling on what to get the dog lover in your life, you need to check out some of these cool Christmas present ideas:


Bespoke Pet Portrait


Starting at around £30-£40, you can get a completely personalised, framed portrait of the family pet to hang proudly on the wall next to the kid’s graduation photos, and family portraits of time gone by. You can even get pet photography sessions these days too! Who knew pet art would be so “in”?

Lesley Wood does great pet portraits –


Dog Quote Coffee Mug


Let’s face it, we all need that first cup of java in the morning to perk us up and if the dog-lover in your life also requires that morning cup of tea or coffee in order to get things kick-started, why not consider a coffee mug with a dog quote printed on it? In fact, with the help of a Sharpie marker pen and a plain white mug, you can even create a completely one of a kind, unique mug with whatever you want on the side of it. Combine this in a hamper with lots of doggy stuff and you’re well on your way to a winner! We’ve found some great cups online with doggy quotes on them and one of the best ones we’ve seen simply says “The dog loves me best!”.

Amazon have hundreds of lovely dog mugs! –


Dog Ball Thrower


Right, there are a lot of tools out there for dog owners these days so why not try to make their life easier with one of these? You can get dog-ball scoopers that project the ball far away from you – much further than you would normally be able to throw, giving the pet plenty of exercise.

They come in all shapes and sizes! –


Dog Waste Bag Dispenser


It might even be worth considering things like handy lead-bags that contain doggy-poop bags. These are smart and just attach to the dogs lead or harness so when you are out and about, you are never found short without something to pick up the poop with!

There are loads to choose from –


Dog Grooming Vouchers


Come on – this an expense the dog owner is going to pay out for anyway so why not make things a bit cheaper for them and pay in advance for it! Baths, hair cuts, nail trimming, anything you can think of! The dog might even get a new hairdo out of it. Plus, they can use the time they dog is at the groomers for anything they want! Maybe you should book them a nice lunch or a movie screening at the same time?

This year, why not put a smile on your dog-loving friend’s face this Christmas and get them something they can actually use and enjoy!


Adam & Laura

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