Christmas Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

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Come on – we all know that one budding crazy cat lady (or man)! There’s something about those cute little cat-faces that most of can’t help but fall in love with and with the holidays among us, there has never been a better time to buy that perfect gift for the cat lovers among you!

No cat-home would be completed without one of those little plaques you can get – “Warning, cat rules the house!” or something like that! Let’s face it – there should be a warning that you’re going to be attacked by the cutest little fur ball (and get covered in pet hair) when you enter someone’s home!

There are loads of themed gifts just like that to buy the cat lover in your life. Anything cat-themed normally goes down quite well from tights with a cat detailing on them for the younger ones, to shopping totes with cute silhouettes of cats for the older generation. There’s something for everyone and a few minutes Googling “Christmas present ideas for cat lovers” will give you some of the funniest, craziest and cutest gift ideas you can think of – cat print umbrellas, bags, mobile phone cases, stuffed toys, cards, house ware, games and more!

Relax cat lovers! You are not alone in your cat-craziness!

Of course, you can’t turn up to their house on Christmas day without a little something for the furry little dude himself, so why not consider something small for the critter as well? You can get catnip toys for a few pounds in local pet stores, and there’s plenty of treat ideas too. For a really cool gift, you could get one of those little balls that have the treats contained inside. The cat needs to roll the ball around to get to the tasty delights inside, providing exercise and learning all in one! The cat-lover will love you for it!

If you still haven’t hit the jackpot and you want something a little more personalised than that, why not consider taking a photo of the cat and having it printed onto the side of a mug so that your cat loving friend or relative can sip their morning coffee out of it every morning? In fact, you could use this idea for a whole bunch of ideas – cat calendars, cat mouse mats, cat key rings, in fact, cat anything you can think of!

Of course, you could always go the functional route and go for something that proves to be little handier. How about a bed that hangs over the radiator so the kitty can be warm and cosy when taking their afternoon naps? You could always consider a cat scratching post in an interesting design, or even think of making your own to accommodate a small space in your friends house. There are plenty of great tutorials online, and you can customise it to fit individual needs.

At the end of the day, there’s a good chance you’ll get a big grin from anything remotely kitty-related they unwrap on the big day. After all, who could look at that furry little face and NOT smile? 😉


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