Best Northwich Dog Walks

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Dog Walking Locations In Northwich Marbury Country Park Image

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If you live in Northwich, you’re pretty lucky as there are more than enough places where you can enjoy a leisurely evening stroll with your pooch. Just look around you; breathe in the beauty of your surroundings.


It’s not just the dog that gets to enjoy the walk, you know? Take your camera and make a start at the photography thing you’ve always wanted to get to grips with! 😉


Marbury Country Park


You could enjoy a lovely late-afternoon picnic enjoying the beautiful birds that inhabit the surrounding trees, and you can even let the dog off the lead for a while to let him stretch his legs. It’s not going to cost you the earth either – you can park your car for less than a couple of quid, and there is a coffee who to hand for when you feel the need for refreshments.


You never know – you might want to include yourself in some of the dog training classes they hold there!


If you want somewhere a little less crowded during peak times to walk your dog in Northwich, we’ve got a few other best places to keep your eyes out for:


Abbeywood Gardens


If you want a place to walk the dog during the day, and soak in some breathtaking views at the same time, you’ll do well to head for rural Cheshire towards Abbeywood Gardens. It’s a family estate set over around 45 acres, and it makes for a perfect day out with the family. The Exotic Garden is a dream to photograph, and the beautiful smells are out of this world. Walk the dog through the woodland area and the day is done.


What more could you possibly ask for?


If you want something a little more rustic and back to earth to exercise your pooch, you could always check out the local trails and walks:


Carey Park


The circular walk around Carey Park is a beautifully woody setting, and you can enjoy the delights of the wildflowers as you plod along. There’s the nature park just across the bridge – Anderton Nature Park, and in the late summer, you might even get to glimpse a dragonfly or two in the fabulous open-set meadows.


Northwich Canals


If you have a ‘sensible’pup, you can let it off the leash to explore this beautiful piece of Victorian Engineering. A 5.5 mile walk will see you rambling along the edges of the Northwich Canals, and if you fancy a pint or two to top your evening off perfectly, why not head to The Stanley Arms, not far from the boat lift?


Always remember to put your dog on a leash if it is getting too excited. We’ve had many occasions where our furry friends have gotten a tad too excited and scared kids nearby. It’s embarrassing for all around so make sure to err on the side of caution if there are other people around. Just remember not all people are dog people!

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