What Is The Best Cat Litter?

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When it comes to cat litter, there is no such thing as too fussy. We’ve tried every brand that you can think of out there from the cheap stuff, to the ridiculously expensive, plus everything else in between.


Many of our happy customers ask us which is the best cat litter, so to make life a bit easier, we decided to compile a list of our favourites!


Are you sitting comfortably?


5 – Catsan Non-Clumping


This stuff is cheap which is one of the reasons that so many people buy it. It’s like one of those bigger brand names that doesn’t cost the earth. We used this for a while but we found a few issues with it.


Firstly, the cats kick the litter everywhere when they are doing their business. No matter how clean and tidy your kitty is, they will still find a way of getting this litter out of the tray and on to your floor. Which obviously means more cleaning up for you!


Secondly, it doesn’t clump (as the name suggests) which makes it fairly difficult to work out which bits of the litter have been ‘dirtied’ and which bits haven’t. When it comes to scooping the poop, you end up wasting a lot because of this reason. Also, because it doesn’t clump, it is hard to scoop out as it just falls through the holes in the scoop!


4 – Wood Pellets


Your cats will either love or hate wood pellets for cat litter, and it doesn’t clump which again means you’ll have that wastage issue – you’ll throw more than you need to when you scoop the poop. Although we have to say that with wood pellets, it is easier to tell which bits have been soiled as it breaks up when it is wet which is handy.


The good thing about wood pellets is that it does hide the smell pretty well, and you can get hold of it anywhere for pretty cheap too.


3 – Worlds Best Cat Litter


This stuff is super expensive because its organic but it sure does what it says on the tin. As cat litters go, this one is nice to the environment, clumps together very well when it has been dirtied, so you don’t throw too much away, and it’s easy to see which bits need to be cleaned out. If only it wasn’t quite so expensive…


2 – Catsan Ultra Effective Clay Clumping Litter


It’s that Catsan brand name again, and yes, we actually did quite like this one. This one clumps together like a dream so you avoid the wastage issue, plus it’s not the most expensive we’ve come across either. The one thing we would like to say about the clay clumping stuff is that when it gets saturated right through to the bottom, it sticks like concrete and can be really difficult to get out of the tray. We had to admit, we have broken the odd litter scoop trying to get this stuff off the bottom of litter trays!


And finally, we come to our winner – the best cat litter to use. Can we get a drum roll please…


1 – Cats Best Okoplus


Its got a weird name but it’s a great cat litter! It’s pretty economical, both in the sense that it’s fairly cheap to buy, and you won’t waste a lot when it gets used because as well as clumping together nicely, you can clearly spot the dirty stuff from the clean stuff. It basically does what the clay clumping stuff does but better, and for a cheaper price, without getting stuck down as much to the bottom!


What do you think? Have you tried any great cat litters that you’d love to recommend? Why not head on over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think or leave a comment below!

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