Basic Cat First Aid Tips

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Let’s be honest about this – part of the responsibility of being a pet owner is to take care of them as best as you can. In some ways, this is the same as the responsibility of having children – you would do everything in your power to save them from harm, such as learning the basic first aid skills in order to save them in any emergency.

When you’re prepared for anything, it doesn’t matter what could arise. Whether it’s your dog eating some of the Kit Kat wrapper, or your cat accidentally eating a plant that you think might be toxic, being prepared is the easiest way that you can ensure safety of all your family members, furry or otherwise!

Let’s imagine that something is wrong with your cat. Perhaps your pampered pet is moping around, seemingly weak, acting dull, off their food, vomiting, having difficulty breathing, seems to be in pain, or anything out of the ordinary…


First things first – Always Call Your Vet For Advice!


What you might SEE as an emergency might not always be an actual emergency. The vet will have a rough idea when you explain to them what appears to be the situation. If the pet needs urgent treatment, they will tell you to bring them right in. If the situation is more urgent than that, they can always talk you through the basic first aid steps if they’ve slipped your mind. Calling the vet when you notice something is wrong is the smartest move you could make.


What If Your Cat Has Been Involved In A Road Accident?


If your poor kitty has been hit by a vehicle, or you spot a cat that has, always take them to the vet. Even if they look fine, there could be internal injuries that may end up being fatal. At the very least your vet can give your kitty a once over and make sure that they are still in good health.


What If Your Cat Is Bleeding?


First thing’s first – never ever alarm the cat. Whatever it is that you are doing, don’t panic. When you panic, your furry friend will sense that you’re panicking and it will scare them.They are traumatised enough with what’s going on!

Being as calm and as quiet as you can, grab yourself a bandage or make strips of a clean tea towel or a clean t-shirt, and make a mini bandage out of it. If you happen to have a human first aid kit in the home, grab it because you can use the dressings in there too. You’ll want to put a non-stick dressing on the wound, and then use the bandage to keep it in place. Don’t use plasters – remember how much it hurts when it tugs on the hairs on YOUR arm?!


What To Do If You Think Your Cat Has A Broken Bone


Right, things are a little different here. Don’t try to straighten any broken bones and definitely don’t try to make a mini splint yourself. Stem any bleeding as carefully as you can, give the vet a call as you get yourself together, and head right on over there immediately.


What To Do If Your Cat Has Burnt Or Scalded Itself


Do you know how many pets are injured by scalding hot cups of tea and coffee, or get burnt by walking across the hob in the kitchen? You can keep an eye on them and try to protect them as much as you can but sometimes, accidents will happen.

If there is a burn or a scald, don’t be tempted to put human treatments on the animal. This can do more harm than good. Instead, run the wound under cold water and once again, get in touch with your vet.


What To Do If Your Cat Has Swallowed Something It Shouldn’t?


If it’s food or medication, grab the packaging of whatever it is you suspect your cat may have eaten, and head right to the vets, calling on the way. If it’s a plant, grab the plant. If you’re not sure, try not to guess but give your vet an idea of what was lying around for your pet to munch on.


Keeping calm is the best way to deal with any situation and although easier said than done, could be the difference between life and death. Keep calm, call your vet, and use your head. If in any doubt, seek professional advice!


Adam & Laura xx

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