7 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Feeding Your Cat!

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You might not think twice about feeding all sorts of scraps to your cat, but you need to be careful, as there are a few foods that are actually poisonous to cats. Part of your responsibility as a cat owner is to take care of your furry little friend. You’re hardly doing that when you are accidentally poisoning them, are you? Ooops!


7 Foods That Can Be Toxic To Cats:


1 – Chocolate

This is one of the worst. Chocolate actually contains a poison to cats called theobromine, and the sugar and caffeine content of the treat isn’t that great for them either. Get some proper ‘cat chocolate’ from a good pet store – it’s specific formulate is a SAFE treat for cats!


2 – Milk

Another one that most of us pet-owners fall foul of, right? When cats have been weaned, their ability to digest the sugar in milk – latose, decreases which can lead to upset stomachs. Some cats will actually become completely intolerant to milk as their body produces no lactase at all which is the enzyme required to digest the lactose in milk. These poor cats will get diarrhoea which could lead to dehydration. Again, you can get special cat milk, or you can just try some lactose free human milk.


3 – Garlic

Why you’d be feeding your cats garlic, we’ll never know but this is really quite bad for your kitty. Apparently there is something present in the garlic that attacks and destroys the cat’s red blood cells. Not good!


4 – Onions

This human-favourite has been shown to have the same destroying effect on the red blood cells as garlic has, and can seriously irritate the interior bit’s and bob’s of your cat.


5 – Bread

Yeast isn’t good for a cat because it bloats them out quite badly. If you think your jeans get tight after one too many bacon sandwiches, you should try being a bloated cat! As well as bloating, yeast can cause serious urinary and digestive problems, and even allergic reactions.


6 – Raw Salmon

Salmon is too much of a luxury for you to be feeding it to your cat! Once again, this is another human treat that could seriously injure your poor pet. Salmon poisoning is something that can happen far too easily in cats, and this will cause death if left untreated. Do yourself a favour and put the salmon slithers on your bagel, not in the cats food dish.


7 – Tuna

Now, we’re not saying that you can’t feed your cat any tuna, but we are saying that too much will do more harm than good. They may lap it up but that tin of tuna that you lovingly donated to your cat might not be a good idea. Tuna is actually high in unsaturated fats, and whilst these may be good for humans, too much of them can be bad for your cat and can actually lead to them developing a vitamin e deficiency! Make sure you stick to tuna in spring water (pole & line caught of course!) rather than in brine and only give them tuna as a treat.


To be on the safe side it is often best to just stick to feeding your cat a good quality cat food which provides all of the nutrition that your cat needs!


If you have any other foods that you know are toxic to cats then please let us know in the comments box below.


Many Thanks, Adam & Laura

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