6 Things You Should Know About Adopting A Kitten

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Adopting a kitten into your loving home will be the best decision you ever make…. as long as you are prepared for the crazy little fur-ball that is about to destroy your possessions. Don’t be fooled by the big, loving eyes that your little Puss in Boots is giving you – cats are smart. They will have you wrapped around their little paws in no time at all! Cheeky little devils, they certainly are cute!

Before you invite that little kitten into your home, there are a few things you’ll need to know – here are 10 things you should know before adopting a kitten!


1 – They will run off with your underwear and hide them under the bed


It might not always be your underwear, sometimes it might be your hair scrunchies or your iPhone cable, but they will have an obsession with something that you regularly use and they will run off with it and hide it in any nook and cranny that they can. These little critters – when they are this small, they need constant supervision!


2 – They will climb your curtains in the middle of the night


Once your kitten is big enough to wander around by herself, she will take a fancy to your curtains and you will find claw-holes in them. In fact, it’s not just confined to your curtains either. They’ll climb up your leg when you are cooking in the kitchen. They’ll really love climbing those blinds you have in the bathroom too. They’re quite the little climbers and their claws will puncture holes in anything – fabric, wallpaper, your skin…


3 – They’re Pretty Smelly!


Kittens don’t just poop, they trump too! And man, do they smell! In fact, this isn’t something that they grow out of. A friend of ours recently adopted a kitten and the first thing she said to us when we asked how she was getting on was “Oh my gosh, she stinks!”

Be prepared for that cat litter tray to make you heave every now and again. Sorry!


4 – They will scratch…. everything!


They will scratch your arm chair, your couch, your computer chair leg… In fact, they will use anything as a scratching post. The sooner you get your kitten acquainted with the actual scratching post that you should have in your home before your fur ball even gets there, and catnip can help to raise their awareness in it. When they are scratching the things you don’t want them to scratch, move them over to the scratching post instead.


5 – They are fussy when it comes to food


You won’t believe it until you see it but when they decide they don’t like a brand of food that you present to them, they will literally just stop eating it. They will worry the hell out of you until you present them with a brand they decide they DO like and then life will go back to normal.

Adult food doesn’t bode well for kittens either so if you already have adult cats, feed them separately. Adult food will give a kitten a very upset stomach. If you think the smell was bad before, you’ll definitely hate it when they have an upset stomach.


6 – You will need to kitten-proof your home


Hanging blind strings, rubber bands, necklaces, bracelets, balloons, charging cables, phone and internet wires… Your home is a minefield for your new kitten and although it will be fun for them to play with these items, they are very dangerous for your new pet.

When you do laundry, always close the dryer. If you don’t, your kitten will sleep in it after all, it’s warm and dry in there. Cables and cords can not only electrocute your kitty when they chew them, but they can also get tangled around your kittens poor neck, as can goal nets and similar sporting items in the garden if you let your kitty out to play. You will need to make sure that all tiny holes are filled in to avoid your furry little friend from crawling in (we once had a kitten crawl underneath the kitchen cabinets and we couldn’t get them back out again for five hours!), and all dangerous items are tucked nicely away. You’ll be amazed at what will attract your kitty’s attention!


Of course, on top of all of these things, you will have a new family member that will provide you with hours of entertainment and joy. If you take care of business, your kitty will take great care of you and you’ll both have a healthy and happy life!


Adam & Laura

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