5 Best Places To Walk Dogs In Wilmslow

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We walk a lot of dogs around Wilmslow (as well as our own) so we thought we would make a list of our top 5 favourite dog walking spots in Wilmslow & Alderley Edge:


Styal Mill & The Bollin Trail

You’re lucky if you live in Wilmslow as you have the nearby beauty spots – Styal Park and Bollin Trail. What’s the point in having this beautiful bridleway if you’re not going to use it? It’s not only great exercise for the dog but also gives them plenty of new smells and delights to investigate. Plus, you get a great workout at the same time!


The Airport Walk

There’s the nearby airport walk just off the roundabout near the Holiday Inn if you like a bit of plane-spotting. Just remember that things might get a bit loud if you head that way so if your pooch doesn’t react well to loud noises, it’s probably not the best idea.

You could always follow the signed pathways if you want to avoid startling your pup, and there’s some great woody areas (although quite a few stairs) if you want something a bit more back-to-nature to enjoy. This can lead all the way to Style Mill if you follow the signs.


Alderley Edge (The Edge) National Trust Walk

You’ve also got Alderley Edge not far from Wilmslow, and this offers you some beautiful views of the red sandstone, with some pretty dramatic sights along the way. There’s plenty of myths and legend surrounding the area as well, so you get as much time to investigate as your dogs will. The nearby park even has an area in which you can let the dog off the lead so if you don’t fancy running around with the dog, you can sit back and just enjoy the day if you like.


The Carrs

There’s also The Carrs park in Wilmslow and there’s plenty of enjoy here. The 71 acres give your dogs plenty of space to stretch their legs, and there’s lots of open grassland, a picnic area, a play area for the kids, and plenty of open walks too, both riverside and woodland. Remember to always clean up your dogs mess if you are out and about. There are kids playing in this park too!


Lindow Common

Finally, Lindow Common definitely deserves a look in when we are talking about places to walk your dog in Wilmslow. It’s on the western edge of town near Gorsey Bank Primary School, and there’s a lovely the lake in the middle. There are plenty of footpaths to enjoy, and off the main track you’ll find lots of smaller walks to wander down. Just remember to keep an eye on where you are so that you don’t lost!


Wilmslow is a lovely country-set place so there are plenty of places dotted around in which you can walk your pampered pooch. Maybe it’s time to grab your walking shoes and get investigating now? It’s a lovely day out… 😉


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