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Have you ever had a friend that created a Facebook page for their cat or dog? Believe it or not, however bonkers it may sound, we know of at least three people that have done that for their pets and it makes sense when you think about it; cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets – they are all seen as part of the family these days. They all have personalities, their own character traits, their own likes and dislikes.

This brings us nicely to the first app on the list of 5 best pet apps. Are you ready?


1 – Dog Friendly App


Sometimes it’s tough to find pet-friendly places to take your dog but with Dog Friendly, you have all the information you need right at your fingertips. It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, and whatever you need, you can find it.

Using your location you can search for local walking spots, parks, dog-friendly hotels, cafes, bars, and more. If you like to travel with your pooch, this is a great app to try your hand at!


2 – Paw Tracks App


A great app that everyone who regularly cares for the pooch can use, you can share information about walks, dietary changes, medical advice and more on Paw Tracks. It’s essentially a journal but for your dog. You can check how long you were on the walk for, how far you travelled, when and how often your pup did it’s business, and even make sure that family members are taking care of the pet when they said they would.

As long as everyone else has the app, those that care for your dog will have regular updates on everything they need to know depending on your sharing preferences. You can see when they’ve taken the pooch out for a walk, and they can see any notes on things they may need to remember!


3 – iClicker App


Another great app for dogs, this is a virtual clicker used in training. When the dog does something right when you are training it, you click the clicker. He knows he has done something right (in the same way as a treat would work) and the training process is a lot easier.

Studies have show that clicker training can actually be more effective than just using praise words, soothing tones, and treats, and most of the apps are free so it can’t hurt to try them!


4 – Go-Cat Cat Fishing


If you have an iPad, you can keep your cat entertained for hours with the Go-Cat Cat Fishing game. With little coloured fish darting around the screen, the aim is for your cat to bat at them with her paw. In our experience, it’s very effective, plus it’s free. Try it – take videos of your cats playing with the game and post them to our Facebook page! We’d love to see 🙂


5 – Pet Minder


This isn’t a free app and at the time of writing, it was £0.69. The Pet Minder does what it says on the tin – minds your pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, budgie, snake or more, you can make sure you have constant reminders on when you need to give the pet flea treatment, worming treatment, the next vet’s appointment, exercise habits, medication problems and details, allergies, and more.

Using the camera, you can create a personalised guide to caring for your pet and if it is an elderly or sick animal that needs medication, food or exercise at specific times, it might just be a great idea to have everything together in one place.


In this new technology-driven world, there are now more and more applications for your smart phones designed to make pet-ownership a much easier place. With GPS trackers, pet reminders, appointment keepers, games, medical guides, care guides and more, there has never been a better time to start using your phone to help take care of your pet.


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