5 Best Dog Walks In Knutsford

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If you are in the beautiful surroundings of Knutsford with your pampered pooch, hoping for a good run around, you are most definitely in luck. There are some pretty impressive places to let your furry friend loose, and we’ll start with one of the best…


1: Tatton Park

Knutsford is full of cute little restaurants and cafes, most of which will allow your dog to have a drink of water outside in the hot weather if you ask nicely enough, but Tatton Park is a must-see if you want to experience some really beautiful country surroundings at the same time. The Stable tea rooms have a pretty nice spot to sit and enjoy a drink with your dog, and in the park itself, the dogs are allowed off the lead as long as he or she is well behaved. You do need to watch out for the occasional spot of wildlife such as the deer in the Autumn, and mid July is wise to avoid because of the Tatton Flower Show.


2: Lower Peover

This hidden little country walk is under 3 kilometres long and is a perfect little evening workout for you, a loved one and your dog. There’s some lovely lake and stream based settings to enjoy, and although steep in places, is a lovely walk to enjoy.


3: Knutsford Heath

Who could forget about this area of lowland heath when you’re talking about great places to walk the dog in Knutsford. You will see on our website that we plus many other dog walkers Cheshire love this space for the dogs to roam free. There’s plenty of scrub for them to investigate, and there’s no doubt there’ll be a pause-and-cocking up many of the beautiful oak and birch trees surround the area.

It really is a beautiful place and it’s easy to see why we love it as a dog walking spot!


4: Knutsford Moor

You’ll see a couple of species of Warbler here if you look carefully enough but the moors are a great place to let the dogs have a wander. This area is actually known to be the largest areas of reed and fen in the entire county! Just so you know!

11 hectares of land give you the perfect backdrop to let the dogs off the leash but just make sure you have a towel or blanket in the car in case there is a mess!


5: Sean Hawkins Meadow

If you don’t mind travelling a bit further, just four miles from Knutsford you will find Sean Hawkins Meadow. The dogs are allowed but on the lead only, as there’s a good chance you’ll see plenty wildlife, so having the pups on a lead is probably not a bad idea. It’s only a little meadow with woodland patches surrounding it, but a handy footpath leads the way and gives you the perfect little wander for an Autumn afternoon!


If you know of any other walks in Knutsford, perhaps some hidden gems then let us know in the comment box below


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